Facing a wolf in sheep's clothing

In our latest blog post, we delve into how facial cues impact trust decisions. This topic brings to light the intriguing interplay between social visual sues and perception in social interactions.

For more insights, check out the post here.

Eliany Perez
Eliany Perez
Graduate student

I am a first generation graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida. As a cognitive neuroscientist, I am interested in examining cognitive declines associated with healthy and pathological aging. My main goal is to develop tools and interventions that can help ease age-related cognitive deficits and improve navigation decisions among older adults. Under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Weisberg, I am conducting research on the intersection between individual differences in spatial navigation behavior and neural mechanisms of decision-making across the adult lifespan. I am using computational modeling, fMRI, and behavioral methods in an effort to achieve this goal. As a member of the latinx/e community I am also passionate about conducting research on diverse populations as well as providing guidance and training for undergraduate students from minority and underrepresented backgrounds.

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